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Val'chuk Elena Ivanovna, Postgraduate student, Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University named after Mikhail Kotsyubinsky (32 Ostrozskogo street, Vinnitsa, Ukraine),

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Background. Rehabilitation and development of social insurance in the USSR from 1922 to 1933 was a major political, ideological and economic factor. The basic principles of social insurance established in this period in a number of cases remain today, which requires a detailed study of the characteristics of the Soviet system of social insurance. The aim of our study is to identify and analyze the main activities of the insurance education and propaganda.
Results. To eliminate illiteracy among the insured and train qualified personnel of insurance education the state used all methods of propaganda and agitation: the literature on social insurance, radio, lectures, activities of the Central Museum of Labour and social insurance in Moscow, a variety of courses on labor and social insurance. The initiative came from the Central Social Insurance Administration. However, bureaucracy, red tape, financial abuse had a negative effect on the organization of advocacy and education in the field. Work in this area has been unstructured and unplanned.
Conclusions. Insurance education and propaganda were based on ideological motives. Thus, Soviet managers monitored the development of social insurance, held it at a level that does not conflict with the existing social system and used to achieve their political goals.

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insurance education, propaganda, social insurance, Central Social Insurance Administration, methodological office, Central Museum of Labour and Social insurance, insurance courses.

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